PP BCF Carpet Multifilament Yarn

PP BCF Carpet Multifilament Yarn
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PP BCF Carpet Multifilament Yarn


100% PP BCF yarn for carpet

4400d/80F PP/polypropylene BCF yarn for carpet/auto pillow

The main specification: 2000D - 5000D (twisting)

Main varieties: PP, PE, PTT twisting curve (carpet silk)

Scope of application: fabric, curtain, carpet backing, paste wall furnishing cloth,bags,canvas, rope and belt, fishing gear, ribbon, geotextile, etc.



The advantages of carpet:

1: good elasticity, anti-fouling, mouldproof, moth-proofing. Chemical fibber carpet surface usually USES the long fiber, wool is not easy to fall off, the ball, is not affected by humidity, not bad, not decay.

2: the price is moderate, light weight and good flame retardancy. Carpet of abb of l, chemical fibber carpet price is much cheaper, lighter than wool, synthetic fiber moisture performance is good, feel is similar to wool, after dealing with the flame retardant is not easy to burn.

3: not easy hair removal, easy to clean, dry, not wrinkle, is not easy to fade. Light quality, wear-resisting, colourful, the foot feels comfortable, elastic, portable, simple household carpet laid wait for an advantage.


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