Find monofilament yarn - visit IKEA of nantong

- Jun 27, 2017-

In 2009 the school after graduation have been engaged in sales work, side asked me a lot of friends and relatives, your company is selling what product, I say is monofilament, monofilament is what?I always take a long time to introduce the next what is monofilament.So-called monofilament, great words like human hair artificial plastic wire, belongs to textile chemical fiber industry, specialized in chemical fiber production with single span spinneret count was prepared by smaller single filament, after the production process of synthetic resin melt spinneret wool stoma medium-pressure dope thread, via condensation, then through untwisted filament winding stretch and points into monofilament bobbin.Monofilament can also be called artificial bristle, application industry is very broad, from today by the silk sub introduced monofilament purposes for you.


Ikea opened in May, the international famous, nantong people excited for a long time, yesterday to stroll around, found a lot of use of products made of monofilament, today give you harbor.Think the toothbrushes at home for half a year, a change, so I just went to the living area, the first thing at present is all kinds of brush, toothbrush, plastic broom, and so on, these products are made of monofilament, I took two toothbrushes, one is a little hard, 5.9 yuan a pair, a pair of very soft, 12.0 a, the price for such a big difference, why, according to the analysis of monofilament expert may not material, cheap is PET, your PA or PBT material, different material has different performance, to have the more expensive to 20.9, oh, it turns out the special features, antibacterial, professionals to understand, the original is made of functional monofilament.



Stroll out supplies area or the bag, to the summer arrived, to work in the morning breakfast, bread, etc on the purse also not convenient, see if there are any breathable, saw a guest with a few days ago a bag made of monofilament permeability samples let us give him monofilament, wish luck today, look at the international famous furniture shop to have the product, around a circle, no promise, found that this bag is made of polyester monofilament, breathable, stylish, prevent bask in, easy to dry, feel very good.


Before you know it all around for more than a sales, the rest will be, there is a simmons bed, next to sit with a break, this is what the mattress, so comfortable, leather sofa sitting at home before the total sense of consciousness of enlightenment, how is that feeling sat a little ice silk, the sensitivity of the professional prompted me to look at, secretly kicked off the bed sets, found that this is made of intermediate sandwich layer monofilament we do 3 d sandwich mesh cloth mattress, before listening to the guests for the mousse mattress, today to see, really is not the same as sponge sofa at home, it just as its name implies, like hamburgers, sandwiches mattress we monofilament is in the middle of the "meat", play a key role, sandwich, hamburger is not good, this kind of mattress air permeability, good elasticity, no insects, summer cool and refreshing, can wash, mainly monofilament may play a role, it's very kind of monofilament, experienced just know, immediately call to reserve a private customer, the shop is too expensive.