finding monofilament polyester wire

- Jul 04, 2017-

From the masses to the masses "is our party's mass line.
"Understanding user line product status quo" is our enterprise to create a good product basic line.
On July 2, 2017, on Sunday, our little son silk products service - wire group marketing team visited nearby vineyards, deep understanding of using polyester plastic product line in a grape.
Model steel wire as the name suggests is the plastic wire, like a wire is made of polyester fiber, for its product has good heat stability, performance stability, resistance to UV ultraviolet stable performance, is widely applied to breeding and modern agricultural engineering, by diameter specifications, the general specifications for the 1.0 5.0 MM.


Today we visit is one of the polyester in the application of screen line, to build a grape, according to farmers weeks teacher speak, he had always use wire to make a grape, but when summer arrives at high temperature, the surface of the steel wire is very hot, often burn the vines, very upset, then the other friend said there is a kind of plastic wire, and then search on the Internet, didn't think the biggest production factory is the front, the most important thing is that can be bought two retail volume, the salesman is recommended to use the 3.5 MM, black.Currently using down effect is very good, does not rust, also not hot.

61202651-ff67-457e-8f33-01c7b1669a10.jpg 091dfb84-61f8-4e9e-b1b8-e6f579634eec.jpg

Model steel wire can be used as a grape the support line.It can at ambient temperature - 40 oC and 70 oC can remain completely under the condition of its mechanical properties and geometry size remains the same.Due to its smooth surface, so won't hurt to grape leaves and fruits, add the uv resistance can avoid the damage of the strong light irradiation, and chemical properties stable to acid and alkali resistance will not corrode.According to the performance requirements, we developed a new type of high-grade plastic line is under the condition of production, can guarantee to use 7-10 years, farmers friend's backpack.

In communication, the teacher gave us two questions, ask the empty spools do you recycle plastic line, the money to buy a axion also want?The second problem is that in use process don't know how to better knot, let it not loose?For farmers friend hard to make money really is not easy, for the general we export to abroad in the majority of the spool is installed, so the spool will not come back, for domestic friends we usually recommend some bulk, it can save the packaging cost, below we will post some of our intelligent user some usage, you can imitate, knot same method can be reference pictures.

Model steel wire has a very wide range of USES, useful in Japan it into a big net, and then in the deep sea fish, also has made the net on the hillside to prevent landslides, also have do in shandong area of modern breeding of cable, our guest, joked that driving a duck on the duck breeding in air.
Tech line USES there are many, many, but we haven't found completely, we have also added behind, if there is a need friends can contact with our company.