monofilament thread

- Feb 14, 2017-


Monofilament thread is translucent and the first choice for sewing "invisible" stitches. This Monofilament Thread Buying Guide helps customers get the right thread for their needs. Our approach is to help you decide if monofilament thread is the right for your needs, identify which sizes (thicknesses) should be used for common monofilament applications, and provide specifications for each size.

Monofilament Thread Uses--Monofilament thread is exactly what its name says--a thread that has a single filament. Our clear and smoke monofilament thread have a semi-translucent quality that helps them to blend in with the fabric that you are sewing. This makes monofilament thread an excellent choice when you want stitches or seams to be as "invisible" as possible or if you cannot find a thread color that matches your fabric. Monofilament thread looks like fishing line, but it is too prone to tangling on reels for most. For best results, use clear monofilament with light colors and smoke monofilament with dark colors.

Monofilament Sizes - Size refers to thread thickness--not the amount of thread on a spool or canister. Our monofilament thread sizes ranged from almost invisible to thread that is strong enough for outdoor banners. As thickness increases the thread's strength increases, it becomes more visible, and the yards-per-ounce decrease. Sizes 003 to 011 can be used with most home sewing machines. Size 012 normally requires a commercial machine.

Use / Thread Size Ranges--Here are common monofilament sewing applications and the range of thread sizes used