what is polyester monofilament

- Jun 13, 2017-

Polyester monofilament sort is more, there are fire retardant monofilament, triangle shaped monofilament, flat monofilament, high shrinkage monofilament, hollow monofilament, cationic monofilament, total extinction monofilament, uv monofilament PET monofilament nylon monofilament, etc.


Polyester monofilament according to use can be divided into two categories, industrial and civil use.Skeleton in the industry is mainly used for industrial conveyor belt, woven mesh, plastic line external casing, etc.In civil is mainly used for supporting bags, straw hats, curtains, wedding dresses, dress, etc.
Polyester monofilament in accordance with the specification can be divided into 20 d, 30, 60, 40 d, 50 d d d...Different specifications of the products such as 2500 d, 30 d polyester monofilament is a kind of high value-added new products, special fiber high environmental performance, is the production of shoes, bags and stage clothing basic raw materials, market prospect is very broad.

Technical of producting:

Polyester monofilament of main production technology and production technology are mainly one-step ldpe-g-nvp production process.Which adopts high speed spinning and twisting technology, high-speed tensile process is a typical ldpe-g-nvp route, is the production of polyester monofilament most adoption process is obtained.Is characterized by short process flow, high production efficiency.High-speed spinning of the spinning speed is 3000 ~ 600 m/min, wire orientation (xiamen) can be obtained.Under the high winding speed, fiber produce certain orientation degree, structure is stable.Twisting is indispensable in the production of polyester monofilament tensile process, called secondary molding.Stretch the structure of the fiber unit stability and stable orientation, so as to achieve the aim of increase physical and mechanical properties of the finished product.
One-step production of polyester monofilament technology adoption of 8, 10 or 12 hole spinneret, the last time on the same machine to complete spinning forming, drawing fiber orientation, fiber heat styling and winding process, such as in the filament winding on the cake.Single filar silk winding bread again after points machine fiber, polyester monofilament fiber.