Low Price Polyester Monofilament For Braided Sleeving

Low Price Polyester Monofilament For Braided Sleeving
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Low price polyester monofilament for braided sleeving

Nantong NTEC Monofilament Group is professionally PET monofilament yarn manufacturer. 

Mono Filament Yarn can be made by direct spinning or by splitting Mother Yarn. Because of its good resistance to fuel and chemicals this type of monofilaments is widely used in the production of filter fabrics for automotive use. Different elements of this resin are high stiffness, high mechanical strength even at low temperature, low water absorption and good dimensional stability at high temperatures.

Polyester Mono Yarn is also known as single polyester yarns, mother yarn for splitting. Mono filament yarn has soft touch and good physical properties. A polyester filament yarn is used in knitting and weaving to make design on dresses and home-textiles and making of webbings. A yarn containing the categories and available in above 50D for both Raw white and dope dyed monofilaments. Mono yarn has varieties as Semi Dull, Bright Dope Dyed Mono filaments.

The Monofilament yarns have high strength, durability and chemical resistance. We can supply you best quality Polyester Mono filament yarns from manufacturers and suppliers in India, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Korea.

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