Ntec Provide Factory Price Polypropylene Fiber For Concrete

Ntec Provide Factory Price Polypropylene Fiber For Concrete
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Tensile strength:more than 500mpa 

It can used in concrete road ,bridge, airport road, construction additives


pp fiber is a kind of concrete fiber 

pp fiber could be used for many constructions for concrete reinforcement.

1.Prevent concrete crazing effectively

2.Improve tensile strength of concrete.

3.Improve the concussion and resistance to wear of concrete.

4.Improve barrier property of concrete.

The Feature of Polypropylene Monofilament:

A). No agglomeration and easily spread around in mortar or concrete.Guarantee the property of crack resistance effectively

B). Apply conveniently. No need to change the proportion of mortar,and just put the fibers into the mortar mixture and stir for a moment after adding water.

C). Has fine economic property. The equivalent dia. of polypropylene monofilament is only φ0.02mm, so the ratio of dia. And surface is high and on the basis of crack resistance,it can reduce the amount (0.6kg/m 3 ) and cut down the cost effectively.

D). Be better to plaster. Because a great number of thin fibers spread into mortar evenly,so the plastering is much easier and this can improve the binding strength betweensurface and base.

E). The fiber has stable chemical property, strong acid &alkali resistance, and can beused in any engineering projects.


1.Projects like concrete road, bridge, airport road and factory floor which strictly require cracking resistance.

2.The walls of tunnels, mines, roofs and reservoir projects with special construction


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