High Tenacity Polyester Yarn For Woven Mesh Tube

High Tenacity Polyester Yarn For Woven Mesh Tube

The polyester monofilament that we are producling with evern texture, outstanding overall performance and other characterostoc., can be used in weaving,mesh fabric,belting,ribbon,sandwtch mesh,woven meshtube and so on. we have 24 production lines for producing major diameter polyester monofilament, annual production is 4000 tons, diameter is from 0.05mm to 5.0mm(30-243000d), about polyester monofilament we own three related patents.
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Product Details

Item: Polyester (PET) Monofilament Yarn

Material: 100% Polyester

Spec.: 0.05mm-5.00mm

Colors: Any colors are available

Package: Iron tube, Paper tube, K335 bobbin, Din200 tube & etc.

Usage: Weaving, Sandwish mesh, PET weave tube, mesh fabric, Ribbon, Zipper teeth, curtain tape, etc.

Delivery: Within 15-20 days



A: High tensile strength
B: High heat-resisting property
C: High electric-resisting property (suitable yarn for insulation)
D: Low moisture-absortion property