0.32mm HDPE Monofilament Yarn

- Mar 15, 2021-

0.32mm HDPE Monofilament Yarn


Product NameHDPE Monofilament Yarn
Material100% Polyethylene
Yarn TypeRound Filament
Applicationrope, net, belt, twine, brush, filter cloth, cable seelve, filter mesh, air conditioner filter, mesh bath sponges, cable filling rod, etc.
PackagePaper tube, Plastic tube, Iron tube, H-beam spool
Shipping TermsFOB/CIF

HDPE Monofilament Yarn

Raw Material: Polyethylene granules/flakes

Performance: 1. Good elasticity

                      2. Good wear resistance

                      3. Easy coloring

                      4. Good moisture absorption

Diameter: 0.08-2mm
Color: Uniform and stable color, can be customized according to customer requirements

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