100% Polyester Virgin Chips Polyester Wire For Greenhouse

- Dec 30, 2019-

100% Polyester virgin chips Polyester wire for greenhouse


Spool pack in the rolls of 14kgs or 10kgs


100% polyester (PET)

Quality of Polyester Wire:

100% Polyester (PET) Wire offers more advantages than metal wires and nylon wires:
* Less elongation,less water or humidity absorption than nylon wires.
* 6 times lighter than steel wire, very easy to handle, installation is 3 times faster than metal wire.
* Consistent Strength, low elongation, using life in 8~12years.
* U.V.and weather stabilized, it does not breakdown from exposure to sunlight and it is maintenance free in winter and summer.
* Its stability against extreme temperature prevents melting and damaging to the greenhouse film covers and plants.
* No rust, no corrosion, very resistant to chemicals and fertilizers. It lasts 2-3times longer than metal wire.
* No damage to plants and animals. 
polyester wire 1


This Polyster Wire has Black Support Line and Transparent Support Line.The Black support line is mainly used for greenhouse pull screen system and outdoor awning as the lamination line, also for the vineyard of the support line. The Transparent support line is mainly used for greenhouse pull screen system and indoor awning, also as support lines on greenhouse film.