2.2mm Polyester Wire For Greenhouse

- Nov 09, 2020-

2.2mm Polyester wire for Greenhouse

The Netherlands covers an area of about 41,500 square kilometers, but the Netherlands has 110 square kilometers of greenhouses for growing flowers, fruits and vegetables, so it enjoys the reputation of "European Garden". 

Our NTEC company provides the polyester wire used in the greenhouse shading net system. The commonly used specification is 2.2mm, the normal color is transparent and black. The normal packaging is 1800m per spool.

NTEC has long-term cooperation with several companies in the Netherlands. Several containers are sent to the Netherlands every month, and the quality is recognized by all the customers. Today we have finished loading a container. 

If you are interested in this product, welcome to send inquiry or visit us. 

Our company can provide you with free samples to confirm the quality, and look forward to cooperating with you, thank you!

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