55D Nylon Monofilament Yarn For Crystal Sock

- Oct 05, 2020-

55D Nylon Monofilament yarn for Crystal Sock

[Nylon conventional specifications] 0.05~5.00mm

[Nylon type] PA6, PA66

[Nylon application] The nylon monofilament we produce is mainly used to make ribbons, nylon sand, zippers, screens, filter cloths, filters, donuts, fishing nets

【Nylon 6】215~225℃

[Melting point of nylon 66] 255~265℃

Product Name: Nylon Monofilament (Nylon Monofilament)

Features: The company's production method is different from traditional fibers, re-organized belts, nylon sand, zippers, screens, filter cloths, filter screens, donuts, fishing nets, etc.

Production scale: Our company has 17 large-diameter nylon monofilament production lines, the raw materials are PA6, PA66, PA12, etc.

Production specifications: the diameter of the monofilament is adjustable within the range of 0.05—5.00mm (25—220000D), and the production of special specifications can be organized according to customer requirements

Color: color matching according to customer needs, can be enhanced

Main performance: high strength, small breakage, completely high, good abrasion resistance, high strength, good moisture absorption, strong alkali and weak acid resistance

Uses: Widely used in netting, webbing, sequin embroidery, sewing trademarks, prying, clothing, lace, fishing nets, paper nets, filters, sewing threads, sewing threads, printed nets, transparent reinforcing threads in the middle, transparent Handbag sewing, computer embroidery high-speed sewing, car bone embroidery, sewing order, air conditioning nets, mowing thread, surgical thread, tennis racket, Velcro, jewelry bead thread, electronic toy stationery distribution frame, sling thread, packaging Thread, hanging thread, hollow belt, suit pry edge

Packing: paper tube, side tube, horn tube,DIN200 tube, K335 tube packaging. The net weight is adjustable between 0.8-10.0kg