8 Strands PE Braided Fishing Line

- Aug 24, 2020-

Super strength weave lines 300meters 6LB-300LB  8 strands 100% PE braided fishing line 

JACKFISH-8-strand-100M-PE-Braided-Fishing-Line-Super-Strong-Fishing-Line-with-package-Carp-Fishing (2)

Braided fishing line can meet any need from advanced anglers and first-time braid users. This line comes in tensile strengths from 6lbs to 300lbs, which satisfies anglers with a wide range of choices for any fishing situation. You deserve the best fishing line for your best performance!

                    Features :
1, Famous brand in fishing line industry, Super Strong Multifilament Fishing Line 
2, 9 colors available;
3, We use high-tech machine to braid super strong PE fibers into Strands PE line. This ensures you catch big fishes;
4, Top technology of surface coating in industry. Much smooth than those from other factories;
5, Incredible strong and tough. So durable. You can even use it to cut a tree branch or plastic(see below photo);
6, Smaller diameter increases speed of cutting water;
7, Extremely low memory;
8, Quality guaranteed. We have faith that you will fall in love them and re-purchase them;
Weave : 8 threads
9 Color:Blue, Army Green, Moss Green, Black, Grey, White, Red, Blue, Multicolor
Suitable :Seawater fishing, freshwater fishing, ship fishing and so on
Test( LB ):6LB -300LB

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