A Good Carpet Yarn Supplier- NTEC

- Dec 25, 2018-

A good carpet yarn supplier- NTEC


Polypropylene carpet Poly propylene carpet is commonly known as polypropylene carpet. A carpet obtained by weaving a polypropylene filament (BCF yarn) by means of needle punching, tufting, or the like. It has the characteristics of light texture, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, low cost, etc., and the strength of the wire is not high. The flame retardant may be added to the polymer or the surface of the carpet may be finished with a flame retardant, or the base fabric of the carpet may be treated with a flame retardant latex to achieve the flame retardant requirement of the carpet. The resilience of polypropylene carpets is worse than that of nylon carpets, which is only about 70% of the latter. It has poor hygroscopicity and antistatic properties and is a lower-grade carpet product.


NTEC is a good carpet yarn suppliers, offering high quality, wear resistant and affordable carpet yarns. Colors can be customized according to customer requirements and produced according to customer requirements.