Antistatic Nylon Monofilament For Industrial Brush

- Jun 01, 2020-

antistatic nylon monofilament for industrial brush products

NTEC provides 10^3 ~10^7 Ω antistatic filaments. Anti-static effect is very obvious under high humidity condition. NTEC anti-static filaments can reduce the impact of electrostatic discharge on the human body and circuit board to reduce danger in production process. it is widely used in hairdressing industry and industrial production.

Product Name: Nylon conductive monofilament (nylon conductive monofilament)

Specification: 0.08mm-0.65mm

Characteristics: excellent antistatic performance and good durability

Applications: Conveyor belt industry, paper net industry, solid steam separation industry, filter material industry, carpet and home textile products industry, anti-static brush industry and other industries


≥25mm error1.0mm




Plastic Film Package 

PET 黑色单丝