Braided Line

- Aug 26, 2016-

Braid: (wiring, wire, Fusion line) wiring: strands woven together, with better force, but the wiring has not been added in the early film, easy to absorb water, maintenance is not easy, but its wear resistance and high tensile strength values good, widely accepted by the boat, but the water was poor.

Fire: for multi-strand braid, in the manufacturing process of each into thin film to prevent water absorption, good water, but the damaged sections easy to form a ball, it is relatively easy to break, hard texture. Fusion line: join in the braided wiring coated and include strands of nylon line in the drawing process, the aim is to take the wiring of high tensile strength and wear resistance, under the influence of nylon line to join this softer than general wiring, good reply.