Ceramic Line

- Aug 26, 2016-

Ceramic line: is a kind of high-strength fishing lines, in recent years, Japan (Sang Laiyin) Corporation developed the fishing line. It was vast numbers of anglers call Sun lines in China. It is mainly made of polymeric material, online bulk materials in the molding of filled in the gap special resins, wire tensile strength and resistance to water immersion to line, then online and second-tier specialty resins, enhance the wear resistance of the line; then add the third layer of special resin to improve the water resistance of the line again. Because the line has excellent tensile strength, resistance to abrasion, nodules with very low failure rate, especially with General line does not prevent a fishing line into the water after water immersion to line, do not or rarely increase the weight of line to enhance the sensitivity of hearing feedback, so people called it "ceramics line".