Cheap Monofil Yarn

- Jul 08, 2019-

cheap monofil

Nylon monofilament yarn


ColorHundreds of colors for selection
PackingIron cope bobbin,plastic spool
FeatureHigh strength,good elasticity,good abrasion resistance,good stiffness and good dyeability
UsageHair ring,sewing thread, fishing net,filter mesh


Nylon Monofilament Yarn/PA Yarn/Nylon Monofilament LineNylon Monofilament Yarn/PA Yarn/Nylon Monofilament Line


About us: 

Our company is based on leading manufacturers of nylon polyamide yarns, fibers and all kinds of PA6, PE PET, PP monofilament ,DTY yarn,Fishing line ,Tennis line and Trimmer line. We are a large group integrated manufacture and trading in chemical fibers and textile area. Over ten years experience, we have been the leading exporter in chemical fiber and textile area and enjoy great popularity in the domestic and overseas market   


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