Cheap Polyethylene Curly Grass Yarn

- Mar 15, 2019-

cheap polyethylene curly grass yarn

Product Description

100% PP/PE
natural appearance/Anti-UV/anti-aging/color stability/weather fastness,resistance, usable in all-weather condition ,resistant to low temperature -40℃/high wear resistanc/...
Green/green+yellow/as customized

A. has good elastic cushion.
B. air permeable, greatly reduce the maintenance cost. Especially in accordance with the requirements of the urban water saving!
C. conforms to the requirements of environmental protection, artificial turf can be reused.
D. to have the effect of reducing noise, shock absorption, relief;
E. artificial grass material requirements for the foundation is not high, so you can in the cement ground, asphalt surface, and even hard laid directly on the sand
F. economic and practical, short construction period, long service life, almost no subsequent expenses.

artifical grass PE