Conductive Nylon Monofilament Yarn

- Sep 28, 2016-

Conductive nylon monofilament yarn



Item   0.26mm    0.30mm
Physical propertySize(dtex)          640        840
Tensile strength(cN/dtex)        5.1        5.5
Breaking elongation(%)        34        36
Boiling water shrinkage(%)        5.0        5.5
Average resistivity(Ω.CM)      3X103       2X103


Our company adopts special chemical soaking coated technology, in nylon fiber surface a layer of coating, conductive carbon layer.In the later, when using carbon layer will not drop phenomenon occurring in the process of bending and stretching.The resistivity of conductive fiber is generally less than 107 Ω cm (20 ℃, under the condition of 65%), excellent in 1 x 102 ~ 1 105 Ω cm x.Available preparation special occasions to use antistatic conductive fiber fabric and resistance to electromagnetic radiation of conductive fabric, etc.


Carbon black conductive fiber according to the manufacturing methods, can be divided into the following three categories:

1) doping method

After mixing the carbon black with fibre material spinning, carbon black in fiber into continuous phase structure, fiber conductive properties.

(2) coating method

Coating method is in common fiber surface coated with carbon black.Coating method can use glue to carbon black glue in fiber sheet

Surface, or directly to the fiber surface rapid softening and carbon black glue.

(3) fiber carbonization process

Some of the fibers, such as polyacrylonitrile fiber, cellulose fiber, pitch fiber and so on, after carbonization treatment, fiber

Main chain mainly carbon atoms, which make the fiber conductive ability.Adopt the method of more, or acrylic fiber

D low-temperature carbonization process.