Congratulations On NTEC Get GRS Certification

- Jan 06, 2020-

Congratulations on NTEC get Global Recycling Standard!!

"GRS Certification Standard (Global Recycling Standard)", how much do you know it?


The Global Recycling Standard (GRS Certification) is an international, voluntary, and complete product standard that addresses supply chain manufacturers' product recycling / recycling components, chain of custody control, social responsibility and environmental regulations, and chemical restrictions. Implementation and certification by a third-party certification body.

The new GRS is a three-tier system, which is divided into copper standard, silver standard and gold standard according to the recycling standard of each product. The highest gold standards require 95-100% recycled materials, the silver standard products contain 70-95% recycled materials, and the copper standard GRSlogo products need to contain no less than 30% recycled materials.

The GRS logo is not so easy to get. Application for GRS certification must meet the five major requirements of Traceability, Environmental Protection, Social Responsibility, Label, and General.


GRS certification benefits:

1. Global recognition, easier to enter the international arena

2. Standard content content of recycled materials

3. Have the opportunity to be included in the purchasing list of international buyers and world famous companies .

4. Enhance the "green" and "environmental protection" market competitiveness of enterprises

5. Strengthen enterprise brand awareness

Among them, it is very tempting to “include in the purchase list of international buyers and world-renowned companies”. More and more international companies play the card of “environmental protection”. Recyclable materials are their darling. ". If you have the opportunity to join the industrial chain of international brands, it is a long-term cooperation and you can also enhance your brand image.