- Dec 07, 2020-

The main component material of polyester tennis line is polyester fiber, which is made by mixing other various metal fibers or synthetic material fibers according to specific hand feeling and strength requirements. Some of them will add resin or other compound coating to adjust hardness and elasticity. Generally speaking, due to the high hardness of polyester fiber, this kind of thread has higher hardness, sufficient strength, good performance in maintaining the weight, and better resistance to hitting.



Monofilament and Multifilament strings are two of the used by amateur and tennis professionals but many players don’t know the difference between the two. Knowing the difference between these two string types will help you determine which of the two to buy and use for your gaming experience. What differentiates one from the other are essentially two features.

Monofilaments are power tennis strings made from one, two or more materials. Multifilaments, on the other hand, are the direct opposite of Monofilaments. They are made from different microfiber bundles all twisted and bonded together to form a tough string. Some of the best tennis string for control and touch are actually Multifilament strings.

· Monofilament strings:

In choosing a tennis string for personal use, you need to decide whether you want a string that packs more power or controls balls a lot better. Monofilaments allow you to strike long balls with amazing power and they have increased tensions. If you are an experienced player you may opt for this option.

· Multifilament strings:

Multifilaments have softer strings with shock absorbing qualities. If you are not very experienced or you often suffer from arm problems the soft fibers in Multifilament strings is ideal. The decision to go for one or the other should be taken based on personal preference, game style, and physical conditions.