Exhibition Of Shanghai For Printing Screen Mesh

- Aug 15, 2017-

On August 9, 2017-11, I group company subordinates monofilament division in Shanghai new international expo center took part in the Chinese context of print and digital printing exhibition, this exhibition we mainly chemical fiber mesh exhibition dedicated high-grade polyester monofilament.


As China's largest monofilament production enterprises, the scale is not the only, we pursue the more stronger the most refined, in 2009 we began to contact screen monofilament, using ordinary polyester monofilament request customer to help us free trial, finally have been rejected, to say the truth really self-esteem has been a lot of damage, customers prefer to use the similar a ton of imports is not willing to try Chinese, show our quality and abroad there is a big gap, deeply realize this.In 2010 we introduced from Germany 2 imported wire drawing unit, narrowing the gap with foreign from the hardware, the first and second through the test in two years of research and development, and create the DM system manufacturing process flow, processing quality of employees training, and constantly make the product line to + 0.002 mm diameter error, good shape, good wear resistance, the DM series of high-grade polyester screen mesh monofilament was warmly welcomed by the market, our company has for many years become a new chain on the screen, screen mesh and other domestic well-known manufacturer of high quality partners.