Fishing Line Selection And Use Tips

- Sep 27, 2018-

Fish line is an important accessory in fishing tackle, so when using it, be sure to use a good fishing line to ensure that we do not accidentally fish. And to get the most out of the fishing line, it takes a long time of practical application and theoretical knowledge to precipitate. Here I have put together some tips to tell you about the selection points and skills of the fishing line, I hope to bring you some help.


1, the selection of fishing line


It is not difficult to find out that the fishing line has the greatest force after the fish, but its strength is the weakest, so the reasonable fish line selection has a great impact on fishing. Although the strength of the fishing line is much better than the traditional fishing line with the rapid development of technology, the performance of the fishing line has certain limitations.


If you want to make the hook bait easy to be sucked by the fish, the signal transmission is clearer, you have to use the thin wire to achieve this demand, but the tensile strength of the thin wire is much worse, and the tensile strength and the extension of the fishing line Sexuality has a lot of contradictions, and one must lose the other. Therefore, the softness of the line is very poor, and the softness of the line is poor and the wear resistance is insufficient. It is most important to recognize the performance of the fishing line and select the appropriate fishing line depending on the situation.


The tensile strength of the fishing line and the strength and softness and wear resistance of the nodules are contradictory, that is, it is impossible to have these characteristics simultaneously on one fishing line, but the fishing process is different. Fish water conditions have a great demand for these characteristics, and manufacturers will sacrifice other characteristics in order to highlight a certain feature when producing fish lines.


Therefore, it is impossible to have a fishing line with multiple advantages. Even a particularly good fishing line may perform well in response to a certain kind of fish, but other circumstances may be The difference is a lot, so there are many different types of fishing lines with different characteristics. It is the best fishing line to choose the most suitable fishing line according to the situation.


2, choose the line do not have to compromise


When choosing a fishing line, you should choose according to the fish's condition. For example, if you are fishing big fish or eating more fish, you should use thick and durable thick lines. If there are more slippery fish or small and medium fish. When there are more, it is necessary to use thin lines. It is not impossible to fish big fish with thin lines, but it requires extremely high fishing skills and often pay attention to whether the fishing line is damaged. If there is a problem, you have to replace the new fishing line directly.


There are a lot of fishing friends who want to use both the big fish and the small fish. They choose the fishing line by compromise, but they often cause two mistakes that are not high. It should be noted that when selecting the fishing line according to the size of the fish, the appropriate hook should be selected accordingly, so that the fishing group can be better matched.


3, actively replace the fishing line


In the past, traditional fishermen liked to use thick-line fishing all year round, and even did not change the line for a year or two. There were too many mistakes in the fishing method. For example, the thick line was not easily inhaled by the fish, and many opportunities for fishing were missed. And the thick line is not easy to find the condition of the line body. If there is wear or aging, the hook body in the big fish is easily broken off.


Regular inspection of fishing lines and active replacement of fishing lines is a must-have fishing habit. Even if you use traditional fishing, you should use thin lines to ensure catch. Thin lines need to be replaced frequently. You can add a little. Thicker, but there must be a limit. For example, the 2.5-kilogram squid for fishing can use the 2.5--3 thick fishing line to the limit. Generally, the best line number is the main line of 1.5 and the sub-line of 1.2. .


4, reasonable disconnection and good fishing


Many people think that the long-term use of the fishing line does not break is a good fishing line. In fact, this kind of cognition is relatively one-sided. It is better when the fishing is done continuously, but only a reasonable break in the competitive fishing can catch. More fish.


When fishing in the competitive pool, the number of reasonable breaks in a fixed period of time can make the catch better. For example, if you are overly cherishing the fishing line or fishing in an hour, the catch will definitely not let the fishing line use the fishing line. The amount of acquisition is high, but if the fishing line is used in an unrestrained and rude manner, the frequent catches will be relatively poor, so it is reasonable to control the frequency of the throwing and the squid in the competitive fishing. Strength is the most important technology to ensure catch. It can be seen that not only is it reasonable to break the line, but it is also very important to use a suitable fishing rod and accurately grasp the throwing effort.


Generally speaking, the main line rarely breaks during the process, mainly because the position near the hook in the middle of the sub-line is easy to wear, so the disconnection in the middle of the sub-line is the most reasonable. Otherwise, the main line may be subject to certain wear or nodules. If it is not good, it may be that the hook has a problem and needs to be verified in time.