High Temperature Resistant PPS Monofilament Yarn

- Sep 28, 2018-

PPS monofilament,polyphenylene Sulfide,density 1.35,high mechanical strength,Hardness, low wear, impact resistance and chemical resistance than the PSU and PE is better.OSU standard very good resistance to oxidation,and the hydrolysis resistance, can be repeated steam boiling. Fire self-extinguishing plastics. Used when high temperature, under the 220 ℃ can still be high corrosion resistance, can be used briefly to 260 ℃. When the room temperature the flexural strength and wet of ABS, low shrinkage rate, excellent size and heat stability, used on physiology.


100% Polyphenylene Sulfide





Melting point:


Tensile strength:



20kgs per size

Chemical properties: 

Temperature resistance ≥200℃, strong acid and alkali resistant


Filter Screen, Filter Cloth, Fireproofing Needled Felt, natural blonde wig,braided sleeving


NTEC black technology product-PPS monofilament,polyphenylene Sulfide has below advantage : ①high mechanical strength,②Hardness, ③low wear, ④impact resistance,⑤chemical resistance. Widely used in below application.

1) Technical Textiles 

2) Shoes fabric warp knitting , weaving, 3D mesh 

3)Filter screen, Filter Cloth, Safety Belt, Webbing, Mesh Tube, Mesh Fabric

4)Screen Mesh, Knitting, Sewing, Embroidery

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