How To Choose A Good Nylon Fishing Line

- Dec 27, 2018-

How to choose a good nylon fishing line


1, standard wire diameter

The fishing line has the specified wire diameter standard. The regular fishing line is marked with the standard wire diameter in the packing box. After the fishing line is purchased, the fishing friends can use the micrometer to measure it! The reason for measuring the wire diameter of the fishing line is Because many inferior fishing lines have to achieve the corresponding pulling force, they have to pass the rising number (expanding the fishing line diameter) to achieve the corresponding pulling force of the fishing line.

2, softness

In general, especially for nylon threads, a good nylon thread, after being pulled out from the reel, is gently pulled by hand and becomes a line with little curvature. Especially for the competitive fishing line, the requirements are very high! If you put the fishing line into the palm of your hand, squeeze it slightly, then release the palm, if it is quickly restored to the original, it is a good quality fishing line. If you recover slowly or can't recover the line at all, it is definitely inferior. In addition, the good fishing line should be very soft, especially the soft line is a sub-line, the benefits are many. When the line diameter of the fishing line is the same, the softer the better.

3, water cut

As the name suggests, after the fish line enters the water, the “wind line” above the fish float can quickly “cut” the water and sink to the water. This is what the fishing friends who use the handcuffs are most willing to see. Some fishing lines are not like this. When the hook falls into the water, the fish line seems to be oily. It floats on the surface of the water. The angler needs to shake the fishing rod hard, or insert the tip into the water to force the wind down. Into the water. Then the quality of this fishing line is not good,

4, the pull value

Generally speaking, the pulling force of the fishing line must be sufficient, especially the competitive fishing line. The competitive fishing line has high requirements in terms of tension, water cut and softness. According to experience, the pull of the competitive fishing line is sufficient. In general, these four indicators of the fishing line are very important.