How To Choose Good Pe Braided Fishing Line

- Aug 22, 2017-

Sea fishing is fishing in the seaside, sea fishing bass is the main object, yellow croaker, cod, ribbon fish, fish, eels, etc., the fish in the sea is salty fish, they are more fierce than freshwater fish, more greedy, so need more strong sea fishing line to deal with it.
Fishing friends will understand, sea fishing is generally use PE woven wire.
My side has a lot of friends like fishing, in nantong haifeng club friends, they often organize to lusi port, the port to go fishing, even to south lake sea fishing.
Meet with them, it is our PE woven wire.
PE knitting line, often referred to as strong horse floats in the market, strictly speaking vigorously nima (Dyneema), also known as ma di, is actually the Netherlands DSM companies worldwide registered trademark of the ultra-high molecular weight of the fiber, PE raw materials is UHWMPE fibre braided wire, is a strong horse.
Fishing line and evil people mixed up the market, all kinds of brand, how to distinguish the pros and cons of PE line.

First of all, will be able to judge from the price, the market price is very important, but when the goods itself price is lower than its value, we should rationally understand that this cargo has a problem!
The goods have what problem, as a senior expert can solve for you.
1. From the raw material, just mentioned above, the raw material of PE line should be 100% ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber, the raw material and its expensive price, the best of the domestic prices in 5000-400 yuan/kg, di nima brand price is higher, there are some manufacturers in order to reduce costs, will be mixed in polyester fiber woven, want to know the cost of polyester is only the price of 15 yuan/kg, so lead to consequences, pull completely can not meet the requirements.
2. Tell from the weaving process, braided wire requires full, roundness, so must be compact, 4 knitting weaving eventually is similar to the square, and eight make up close to the circular, if knit loose, will lead to uneven lines, grams per meter is not up to standard.
3. Tell from the coating technology, we have seen a lot of small workshops in PE woven wire processing, with their magic, PE woven wire coating is not a simple color, there are a lot of domestic relative size larger manufacturers braided line, and then sent to Japan to processing and coating, coating visible in terms of the quality of the line.
Many of our senior DiaoYou YGK used Japan, the United States all spiders, baker, Taiwan shuttle fly brand line, is indeed the truth about the quality is very good, but the price is very expensive, such as gold or even you.

For friends, I want to recommend today is our blessing, President of PE knitting line, this line using the best domestic UHMWPE fiber weaving, adopt unique own HT coating technology, the current products have been exported to Germany, the United States, and Japan, are very popular with customers.