How To Choose Good Quality Grass Yarn?

- Dec 14, 2020-

How to choose good quality grass yarn?

First,the fiber feel of the product is smooth and elastic, the color is even and soft, the mesh is well-proportioned, the forks are even when torn, the back is strong and elastic, and the glue is uniform and shiny. Method 

Second, whether all the fibers of artificial grass are made of new high-quality PP and PE as raw materials, and whether all raw materials are modified into fibers at one time to ensure the physical and chemical stability of the fibers. The grass fiber Deny number is 8,800-11,000 DTEX, Add an appropriate amount of anti-ultraviolet rays in the synthetic fiber process. 

Third, whether the product backing adopts a composite elastic structure (about 1.5-), and it is not easy to appear aging, abrasion, and fading during use. 2MM thick), after finishing and coating (the coating adopts high temperature vulcanization process formula) to make it more compact and elastic. 


Fourth,in contrast, the fiber of the second quality product is uneven in appearance, thin and light-transmitting; the hand feels dry and tight, the mesh is uneven and the burrs are reduced, the back layer is soft and thin, and has no sense of support. The material is single, the process is simple, and additives are often added, and its quality is difficult to ensure, and the weathering is low for sports safety.