How To Manufacturer Our Own Trimmer Line?

- Sep 29, 2016-

We put a lot of pride and precision engineering into our ntec trimmer lines. But did you know that we also manufacture our own trimmer line?

In fact, all ntec trimmer line is made with special production process, NTEC produces six types of trimmer line, each designed for a different type of cutting application. Why five types? Because not all cutting jobs are the same - we make different diameters and shapes of cutting line to accommodate the wide range of cutting scenarios you might find in your landscape.

 This high-performance trimmer line is manufactured to fit all NTEC and competitive line trimmer heads. It is available in .065, .080, .095, .105 and .130 diameters and is specially formulated to prevent fraying and welding.

NTEC incorporates spiral grooves that greatly reduce wind noise. This trimmer line is primarily used with electric and battery-powered line trimmers, which operate much quieter than gasoline-powered models. Use this trimmer line when working on properties with noise restrictions.

The edges of our square trimmer line allow it to cleanly slice through grass and heavy weeds. This line is great for professionals who have to tackle dense weeds on a daily basis.

Our Pentagon Line combines the hard edges of square line with the abrasion durability and easy re-spooling of round line. The end result is great cutting performance in heavy weeds that holds up in tough conditions.

Stubborn weeds are no match for a NTEC trimmer with X-shaped trimmer line. Designed for resistant vegetation, X-Line features a unique shape that grabs hold of grass and weeds and cuts them clean. X-Line is also flexible over time and resistant to welding and high temperatures. Great for homeowners and professionals alike.