How To Replace Trimmer Line

- Nov 18, 2019-

How to Replace Trimmer Line?


string trimmer is a great way to maintain and care for your lawn. And luckily, most models require very little maintenance. But whether you own an electric trimmer or gas-powered trimmer, the one task you’ll certainly have to do is replace the trimmer’s line. Thankfully, this is an incredibly easy project that you can accomplish in just a few minutes. Besides replacing your trimmer line whenever the spool is depleted, you should also replace it at the beginning of each season since your old line can turn brittle over the winter and will break easily.


Brittle line will also wear down faster than fresh line when you use it on thick weeds or harder surfaces. Most models are built with a dual-line design and are fed by bumping the head. Even if your model uses an automatic feed, most of the steps will be fairly similar, though you should consult with your owner’s manual in order to make note of any different steps involved.