How To Use A String Trimmer Properly - Without Breaking The Line!

- Sep 29, 2016-

String Trimmer - Weed Eater - Weed Whacker - Strimmer - Weed Trimmer - Lawn Trimmer - Weed Whip - Whipper Snipper - Line Trimmer

This garden power tool has many names depending on where you live in the world, but one thing is sure, it certainly beats a hedge shears for trimming and edging! Like most power tools nowadays, they are available in gas, electric corded and rechargeable battery cordless versions.
The machine was invented in the early 1970s by George Ballas of Houston, Texas. He attached fishing line to the head of a lawn edger and was able to cut grass and weeds with his concoction. The tool works on the principle that a line spun at high speed becomes stretched and taut due to centripetal acceleration. The tension in the line makes it stiff and the inertia of the line gives it the energy to cut. So basically it is like a spinning whip.
This hub shows you how to wind the spool, and cut, without breaking the line!

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