Low Price Pet Wires For Kikkonet/fish farming/greenhouse

- Jan 09, 2019-

Low Price of PET Wire For Kikkonet/ Fish Farming Net/Greenhouse

KikkoNet net pens are custom-designed and delivered fully pre-assembled at site. They provide technical reliability and economic convenience, with tangible benefits:

  • Reduced cleaning: less frequent and easier cleaning operations are the consequence of a stiffer and smoother monofilament. Antifouling paints are not required. 

  • Escape prevention and predator resistance: the strong monofilament and the safer lock-off mechanism provided by the hexagonal double-twist make it harder for predators to penetrate the net and extremely rare for fish to escape.

  • Increased yield: maximised water flow and safer conditions contribute to increase the productivity and efficiency.

  • Stronger,safer,better

  • Made from polyester monofilament double twisted mesh, Kikkonet offers a 20 year+ design life. The mesh is more structurally stable, enabling net pens to be used in more exposed conditions than before. This mesh stiffness also repels predators with ease, preventing biting, entanglement and chafing damage. The smooth gloss surface of the mesh means less biofouling and less down-time due to cleaning operations.

NTEC provide low price Pet Wires for Kikkonet/fish farming net. We are China biggest monofilament yarn company, specialized in making PET wires for more than 16 years.

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