Method:2:how To Choose Good Fishing Line?

- Oct 04, 2016-

1、Use high-viz line for offshore fishing with multiple lines. Different colours and visibilities of line work well in different situations. High-viz lines are most often used for offshore fishing as they make it easier to keep track of your lines.[8] If you need an instant read on the position of your lines, such as when offshore trolling or kite fishing, then high-viz line is often the best choice.

  • Different people will have had different experience with different colours, so always ask around and see what seems to be working well in particular areas.

2、Consider a ‘metered’ or ‘indicator’ line for offshore trolling. Another alternative to a high-viz line is what is known as a ‘metered’, or ‘indicator’ line. These lines have sections of coloured line of varied number, but of short and equal lengths. The colour changes make it easy to set lures at particular measurements when you are offshore trolling.[9]

3、Use a strong monofilament line for deep sea fishing. If you are graduating to serious offshore fishing for huge tuna or marlin, then you want a line with a good pound-test strength. This kind of fishing takes you a long way from shore, so you need a reliable line that can handle the pressure of big fish. A monofilament line with a 20 lbs-test strength should do the job.[10]

  • A gold high-viz line will help you keep track of the line.