Monofilament Manufacturer Process

- Oct 05, 2016-

Polyester/ Nylon / Polypropylene chips are used for the manufacture of respective Monofilament yarns. Chips are dried in the case of Polyester to moisture level of 30 ppm before being fed to the extruder. This manufacturing is a continuous process where chips are continuously fed to the extruder through the dryer hoper. The extrusion of the melt is done at 280 –290 ° C. The controlled amount of molten polymer is fed to the Gear Pump for delivery through nozzle. The operation of delivery is widely known at Melt Spinning. Melt Spinning is also done at 280-290 ° C. Molten monofilaments are quenched in a water tank known as quenching bath. Next, the solidified filaments are taken on godet 1 for separation. The separated filaments are then taken on the roll and separation is also done on godet 2,3, & 4. The monofilaments are stretched and drawn at high temperatures between these godet rolls. Thereafter, proper heat setting is done in order to make the monofilaments dimensionally stable. These dimensionally stable monofilaments are finally wound on the spools/ hasp winder.