Monofilament Yarn Supplier In China-NTEC

- Jul 22, 2019-

Monofilament yarn supplier in China-NTEC

Basic Profile

            Company Name: Nantong NTEC Monofilament Technology Co.,Ltd.

            Found Date:  6th,April,2005.

            Enterprise Scale: 72 production lines,2 complete equipments imported from Germany.

            Wholly Owned Company: 

            Nantong NTEC Special Fiber Co.,Ltd.     

            Nantong Jin Hong Environment New Material Co.,Ltd.

            Nantong NTEC International Trade Co.,Ltd.

Business Products

High Technology Company

           R&D:  NTEC has strong capacity in technical innovation, with a R&D Team of 16 members,                                    including 3 doctors and 3 masters;   And a branch Technology Center of Nantong city.

          Team: NTEC has a great team in Production, Marketing, and After-sales Services.

           I P: 7 brand registered trademarks, 12 invention patents, 56 patents of utility model.