Nantong NTEC Fire Resistance PPS Filament Yarns

- Oct 31, 2018-

Nantong NTEC Special Fiber Co.,Ltd is the one of NTEC Group branch companies. It specialized in series of special fibers, such as fire resistance filament yarn,static filament yarn,hot melting filament yarn,low melting filament yarn, construction fiber and so on.

Below is the introduction fire resistance PPS filament yarn.

Item: fire resistance PPS filament yarn

Material: 100% Polyphenylene sulfide


Color:golden yellow/ creamy white

Advantage:High strength, low shrink,high temperature resistance,chemical resistance,fire resistance  


Melting point:285~288℃.

Breaking Strength: 3--6 G/D  

Breaking Elongation: 15%--30%

Shrinkage : 2%--15% 

Packing:paper bobbin, spool 


Technical Textiles  

Shoes fabric warp knitting , weaving, 3D mesh  

Filter screen, Filter Cloth, Safety Belt, Webbing, Mesh Tube, Mesh Fabric, 

Screen Mesh, Knitting, Sewing, Embroidery,Expandable braided sleeving.

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