NETC Provide Nylon Monofilament Yarn For Flying Knitting Shoes

- Jan 13, 2020-

NETC Provide nylon monofilament yarn for flying knitting shoes


Advantages of flying knit shoes: 

stylish personality, low-carbon environmental protection, breathable comfort, cost savings. Flying knit uppers are now made of yarn. Some enterprises in Guangdong are considering using some new composite materials, and some companies are developing bamboo. Environmentally-friendly natural materials such as fiber and waterproof technology make fly-knit shoes not only easy to wear, durable, but also environmentally friendly. There is also a research and development institution. In order to meet the needs of consumers who also want to wear flying knit shoes in winter, wool is used as the material of the upper to achieve a warm and breathable effect.


In China, Anta first released the breathable net multi-functional fly-knit shoes, which has become the representative of domestic fly-knit shoes technology. It adopts a full range of breathable knits to accelerate heat dissipation in the feet. At the same time, in the process of weaving the breathing net, meshes similar to fish scales were selected, which greatly improved the ventilation effect.

After several years of high-speed development in China, flying knitting shoes have become lighter and lighter, with lightweight, soft, breathable, waterproof, deodorizing and other functions in one, perfectly interpreting omnipotent flying knitting shoes.

The variety of yarns also determines the diversification and functionalization of flying woven uppers. Therefore, it is particularly critical to choose several good raw materials for flying woven uppers. 


NTEC has been focusing on computerized yarn production for more than 16 years. At present, flying woven upper yarns include: hot-melt filaments, hollow filaments, spandex elastic yarns, nylon fish silk threads, and high elastic yarns.