Ntec Monofilaments In PA, PES/PET, PP And PE

- Nov 14, 2016-

Monofilaments in PA, PES, PP and PE

  • Polyamide 6 and 6.6 monofilaments in direct spun and split quality

  • Polyester monofilaments in direct spun and split quality 

  • Polypropylene monofilaments

  • High density Polyethylene monofilaments

End uses
  • filtering fabrics

  • hook and loop fasteners

  • narrow fabrics

  • selvedge yarns

  • sewing threads

  • fishing line

  • ABS and PLA monofilaments for 3D printers - for wholesales and distributors only.

  • Wholesale of fishing line monofilaments including line for longline fishing

  • Spundyed monofilaments

  • All products made to measure 

Swicofil is in a position to provide also monofilaments in new materials. In all these specialities there is never stocks and no samples. Production only on special demand of customers. Minimum order 400 - 500 kgs

PBT - polybutylene terephthalate - density 1.32

Compared to polyester this polymer has better properties of abrasion resistance, loft and dimensional stability. It has a very low moisture absorption (0,15% at 20°C 65% R.H.), a good resistance to chemical and outdoor exposure agents and good electrical properties. The UL-94 V0 version is commonly used for braided hoses in electric cabling and automotive industries. 

POM - polyoximethylene - density 1.41

Due to its very good resistance to fuels and chemicals this type of monofilaments is mostly used in the production of filter fabrics for automotive use. Other features of this resin are high stiffness, high mechanical strength even at very low temperature, low water absorption and good dimensional stability at high temperatures

PA 12 - polyamide 12 - density 1.01

Its lower specific weight - compared to PA 6 and 6.6 - combined with its good chemical and abrasion resistance make this monofilament the best choice for several application in wet filtration. Due to its comparable properties it is the only alternative to PA 11 (Rilsan B) 

PVDF - polyvinilidene fluoride - density 1.78

Main properties of this polymer are:

  • Chemically inert to most acids and solvents

  • Excellent mechanical properties over wide range of temperatures

  • Good abrasion resistance and low coefficient of friction

  • High continuous use temperature 150°C

  • Excellent UV and gamma ray resistance

  • Excellent fire resistance (UL94 V0)

  • Due to its higher performance and cost this monofilament is used just on very special applications.

PPS - polyphenylene sulphide - density 1.35

  • Continuous service temperature up to 240°C

  • Inherently flame retardant (UL94 V0)

  • Very good chemical and oxidation resistance

  • Very low water absorption

  • Good hydrolysis resistance

  • Good UV resistance

Below please find the fiber chart of our normal monofilaments



Density (Kg/m3)9609101140114010201070107011301180130013801780
Melting Temp. (°C)135168220260175206220195295228257170
Operating Temp. (50% loss of tenacity after 5000h)8085858580808580150130130150
Max Operating Temp. (short cycle operation)n. d.135180200135155180160230180230n. d.
Moisture Absorption (std. atmosphere  23°C - 50% R.H)0,010,012,602,500,250,400,402,601,500,150,150,04
Water Absorption (in water at 23°C)0,030,039,008,001,903,003,209,002,600,200,200,06
Tenacity (cN/dtex)4-64-74-74-74-74-74-66-75-75-75-72-3,5
Limit Oxygen Index L.O.I. (%)222222272222272227232444
Biological Resistanceexcell.excell.excell.excell.excell.excell.excell.excell.excell.excell.excell.excell.
Resistance to Alkaliexcell.excell.goodgoodgoodgoodgoodgoodgoodpoorpoorexcell.
Resistance to Mineral Acidsexcell.excell.poorpoorfairpoorpoorpoorpoorgoodgoodexcell.
Resistance to Organic Acidsexcell.excell.poorpoorfairpoorpoorpoorpoorfairfairexcell.
Resistance to Oxidizing Agentsgoodexcell.fairfairfairfairfairfairfairgoodgoodexcell.
Resistance to Organic Solventsfairfairgoodgoodgoodgoodgoodgoodgoodgoodgoodexcell.
Resistance to UVpoorpoorpoorpoorpoorpoorpoorpoorpoorgoodgoodexcell.