NTEC Provide High Quality PPS Monofilament Yarn For Filter Bag

- Nov 29, 2018-

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Item: PPS monofilament yarn

Material: 100% Polyphenylene Sulfide

Spec.: 0.10mm-1.00mm

Density: 1.38g/cm3

Melting point:  290℃

Chemical properties: temperature resistance ≥200℃, strong acid and alkali resistant

Tensile strength: ≥3.2CN/dtex

Colors: Golden, Cream, Black

Package: Paper tube, Din200 tube 

Usage: Filter Screen, Filter Cloth, Fireproofing Needled Felt, natural blonde wig

Delivery: Within 15-20 days


High mechanical strength.Hardness, low wear, impact resistance and chemical resistance than the PSU and PE is better.
OSU standard very good resistance to oxidation.And the hydrolysis resistance, can be repeated steam boiling.
Fire self-extinguishing plastics.
Used when high temperature, under the 220 ℃ can still be high corrosion resistance, can be used briefly to 260 ℃.
When the room temperature the flexural strength and wet of ABS, low shrinkage rate, excellent size and heat stability, used on physiology.


The maximum allowable working temperature is high in the air (can work at 240 ℃ for the short time of up to 260 ℃):
(1)high mechanical strength,
(2)stiffness and hardness
(3)excellent resistance to chemical corrosion and the hydrolysis performance,
(4)excellent wear resistance and frictional resistance
(5)good dimensional stability
(6)good resistance to high energy radiation
(7)good ultraviolet resistance,
(8)itself has the flame retardancy, excellent electrical insulation