NTEC Provide Low Melting Sheath-Core Monofilament Yarn

- Oct 30, 2018-


We offer monofilaments which are produced by “Sheath and Core” technology. These high technology monofilaments are recyclable material. Hence, the sheath-core monofilaments can produce environmental friendly products which can be recycled. The sheath-core monofilaments have numerous advantages when compared to ordinary fibers.

Sheath-core monofilaments contain two components which are extruded in sheath-core form. Owning to the unique structure, no chemical is needed during thermo-fixing process. Using the monofilaments can save not only money but also the planet. The sheath of the fiber is of a lower melting point than the core and so in an elevated temperature, the sheath melts, creating bonding pints with adjacent fibers. On the other hand, as the core has a relatively higher melting point, it strengthens structural integrity. Using sheath-core monofilaments can shorten manufacturing time, lower manufacturing cost and protect the environment. The products made of these monofilaments offer many advantages, including superior strength, durability, comforts and they are free from deformation.

Sheath-core monofilaments have a great number of usages wherever cutting-edge textiles are used. They are the next great step towards advanced textile form and functionality.