Nylon Recycled Material Identification Method

- Nov 24, 2018-

The world's resources are always a hot topic for human beings. The slogan of saving resources and protecting the environment has gradually deepened into the hearts of the people. Plastics buried under the ground will not rot for hundreds of years, so the awakening of recycled renewable materials is also inevitable. Through the recycling of resources, people can truly achieve environmental protection and energy conservation.

And usually the recycled product is much cheaper than virgin material products.However, with the birth of recycled materials, some unscrupulous businessmen on the market began to take back the materials and shuffled the market rule.This message will tell you how to identify the recycled nylon and virgin nylon products.

Tools/raw materials

Nylon recycled material


Nylon recycled material identification method

1, look at the gloss first, the difference in gloss is correspondingly poor.

2, look at the face. If the cut surface does not pass, it is expected to be poor.

3, look at the forming, the surface is not well-formed, uneven, with fiber, is the difference.

4, burn with fire, burn non-combustible, add flame retardant. Or the fiber is more than 30%. It is a difference.

5, after burning off, smell, 6,66. no big difference. If it is too far from the new material, the material quality will be far worse.

6, drawing, can pull but the wire does not shrink 6, the contraction is 66, can not pull the silk is the difference.

7, remember to foam when burning, it is the foaming material will have an impact on the re-modification, it should be noted that this material is not good.

8, some materials have composite materials, please check the large version must be more inspection. It is mainly distinguished from the smell.

9, some materials have high temperature materials, please buy some try to take some test machines, because the high temperature material and the ordinary material have different melting points, may block the machine during production, is the difference.

10, it is best not to buy goods in the hands of small traders. Because they love to be fake.

11, the seller's character should also be inquired in the peers, this is also to pay attention.