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- Dec 07, 2018-

Pe fishing line production suppliers - NTEC

The strong strength PE braided fishing line is a fishing line woven from ultra high molecular material polyethylene (uhmwpe) fiber. The common PE braided wire is 4, 6 series, 8 series, 16 series. The tensile strength of this fiber is the strongest in the world. No material can be compared. It was successfully produced by DSM in the Netherlands and registered as “dyneema”: the second development of Honeywell in the United States. Come out, named "spectra", China is the third country to successfully develop. PE braided wire has ultra-high tensile strength (5 times that of nylon) and super abrasion resistance, but it is easy to absorb water due to fiber weaving, which affects its sensitivity and water cut. With the modern fish line industry The development of the fire line (4 braided wire) with higher sensitivity and faster water absorption, PE diamond wire (4 series tensile rebound type), PE laser line (8 series pull back stretch type) , PE single strand (single strand is not woven).

NTEC Braided lines of Fly-Cat are Poly-Ethylene based filament lines. These lines are much stronger than classic mono-filament nylon, and now many anglers use them. It floates because it has 0.97 weight ratio when water has 1.0 weight ratio. The line is braide with a lot of thin fibers and it tend to have coating to protect the thin fibers. There are too many braided lines in the market, most differences of PE braided lines come from the material, way of braids, coatings and construction.



* Material of braided line FLY-CAT fishing line                                                                 



Breaking strength to

nylon in the same




Ultra 4.00.98
Ultra 2 PE fiber 4.20.98
*Nylon(high tensile)1.1-1.21.14
*Fluorocarbon mono1.051.78
*Ester mono1.41.41


 * Weaves of braided line FLY-CAT fishing line                                                                 


Not braidedbonded by hard coatings; surface very smooth; compromised tensile strength between mono-filament and braided lines; be recommended for bait casting reels, but not much for spinning reels.
3 strandsflat in shape; less expensive; receive more wind than 4 strand; when lines are twisted, it shows more roughness.
4 strandsMost PE braided line market are 4 strand including PowerPro,Spiderwire,Fireline. It is in shape of square, but with thin lines it looks round. The braided body has some roughness, and you may feel some noise when you reel in.
8 strandFor better smooth. Mostly for offshore deep jigging, rated at more than 40lb-test, and they are more expensive. Smooth is very important because lines always contact to line guides with relatively high tension in jigging. 



* Specifications of braided line FLY-CAT fishing line                                                         


ColoringMaterial#of StrandsCoatingConstruction
None(white)Original 3None100% PE fiber
Single colorSuper 4Thin4+1 filament
MulticolorUHMWPE(Ultra High Molecular Weight PE)8Hard4+4 ester filament




* Features of braided line FLY-CAT fishing line                                                                 







Fading    Soft
None smooth No  low fade softer
Thin better smooth high lowera bit little  soft 
Hardbest smooth higher  lowest no fade hard 

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