PET Wires Manufacturers

- Apr 26, 2019-

PET Wires manufacturers

2.2mm transparent color high strength polyester greenhouse wire


Greenhouse wire(S.L.WIRES,support line,Black and white string) 
Diameter:1.0- 4.0MM 
Color:Black,White and transparent.


A. Product Name: greenhouse wire, plasteel wire, pressure screen wire, steel wire or laminated lineb

B.Technical parameters: black, white, transparent color oval diameter of 1.5-3.5mm, Tensile strength (N) ≥ 2200, 17.5% elongation at break.

C.  Black support line is mainly used to the greenhouse and outdoor awning pull screen system, making use of lamination lines. Product line is also used to support Vineyard.

D. Transparent color screen care line pull-screen system for greenhouse and indoor awning to replace the metal structure products, film lines made with care.



100% polyester virgin chips/resin
Net weight10KG/Spool or 20KG bulk package
ColorTransparent ,Black,other colors can be customized

5KG ,10KG,20KG per spool or bulk.


Standard packing 2spools/ctn or bulk package one roll /ctn

PurposeGreenhouse,agriculture,culture industrial,fishing


Usually within 20 days after deposit done


2.2mm high strength PET agriculture monofilament wire for crop support net