Plant Greenhouse Greenhouse Construction Principle

- Dec 11, 2018-

Plant greenhouse greenhouse construction principle

1, choose a place with open, flat, or shallow sun slopes to build a greenhouse. This place has good lighting, high ground temperature, and convenient irrigation.

2, the greenhouse should not be built on the tuyere to reduce heat loss and wind damage to the greenhouse.

3, you can't build a greenhouse in the windy place. If you have a windy place, you should first build a greenhouse after the air duct. Otherwise, it will lead to poor ventilation.

The disease is serious, and too much snow in winter has a destructive effect on the greenhouse.

4, the construction of greenhouses with sandy loam is good, such soil temperature is high, which is conducive to the growth of crop roots. If the soil is too sticky, add appropriate amount

River sand, and more organic fertilizer to improve. The soil is too alkaline, and the acid fertilizer is applied before the construction of the greenhouse to improve it.


5. The low-lying gimmicks cannot be built in greenhouses. After the drainage ditch is first dug, the sheds are built; the groundwater level is too high, and the land is easy to be counter-pulped.

Earth, can build a greenhouse after raising the terrain. Otherwise, the ground temperature is low and the soil moisture is too much, which is not conducive to the growth of crop roots.

6, the location of the construction of the greenhouse should be sufficient water source, convenient transportation, and power supply equipment for management and product transportation.

7, Polyester wires can be selected as the support line at the top of the greenhouse. Because of the special properties of anti-UV, anti-aging, and not easy to break, the polyester wires gradually replaces the traditional metal wire and is widely used in the construction of vegetable greenhouses. It is especially important to choose qualified polyester wires and polyester wires manufacturers.


8. The orientation of the construction of the greenhouse should be extended from north to south. The side of the shed is oriented to the east and west, and the illumination in the shed is evenly distributed. The distance between the shed and the shed is 2/3 of the height of the shed. The distance between the two sheds is too large, waste of land, too close to affect the light and ventilation effect of the greenhouse, and the operation of fixing the shed film