Polyamide 66(PA 66)monofilament Yarn

- Apr 13, 2020-

polyamide 6.6(PA 6.6)monofilament yarn



General & Dimension/常用规格及尺寸: 0.22MM/0.38MM


Physical and chemical properties/物理化学性质:

POLYAMIDE 6 MONOFILAMENT (PA6),This kind of monofilament is appreciated for its very good work ability. It shows perfect characteristics of mechanical resistance, abrasion resistance and an excellent dyeing.



Density: 1.14 g/cc

Melting Temperature: 213°C — 220°C

Softening Temperature: 180°C - 190°C

Self-extinguishability Class: (Ref. UL 94) V2


POLYAMIDE 6.6 MONOFILAMENT (PA 6.6),Further to the characteristics stated for the Polyamide 6, the Polyamide 6.6 allows the use at higher temperatures, without modifying the mechanical characteristics. It guarantees resilience and has a better dimensional stability than Polyamide 6.


Density/密度: 1.14 g/cc

Melting Temperature/熔点: 258°C — 262°C

Softening temperature/软化点: 235°C

Self-extinguishability Class/自熄灭标准: (Ref. UL 94) V2



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Paper cylinders bobbins 纸质直筒管子

wound on ***缠绕在管子上



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