Polyester Wire Features

- Aug 28, 2018-

UV anti-UV stability: the addition of a large amount of UV-resistant components makes the curtain line have a long life. The outdoor use test of the transparent curtain line in southern Europe for more than 30 months shows that the tensile strength of the curtain line is less than 3%, the intensity of the black curtain line is reduced less.

Thermal stability: The curtain line can completely maintain its mechanical properties and geometrical dimensions at an ambient temperature of -40oC to 70oC.

Tensile properties: Compared with nylon threads, the polyester wire has a low stretch rate, so it can be easily tensioned quickly, and once tensioned, the curtain line will remain so tensioned without having to re-tension tight. This characteristic of the curtain line is different from other nylon threads or monofilament fibers that are less stressed and need to be re-tensioned.

Permanently smooth: the polyester wire is not hygroscopic, so after many years of use, the surface is still as clean as ever, without burrs. In the weather, the grape leaves and fruits will not be worn, and the surface smoothness of the polyester wire will have a positive effect on the sunshade insulation curtain, which avoids the wear of the sunshade insulation curtain.