Polypropylene Monofilament Yarn Fiber For Concrete

- Oct 16, 2018-


Polypropylene Mono filament Yarn Fiber are fibers synthesized from polypropylene and other raw materials. 

After the concrete is added into the engineering fiber, the fiber can easily and uniformly disperse the concrete to form a chaotic support system, disperse the directional stress of the concrete, prevent the occurrence and development of the original crack in the concrete, and eliminate or reduce the number of primary micro cracks.

The quantity and scale greatly improve the anti-cracking and impermeability of concrete and improve the toughness of concrete, thus prolonging the service life of concrete. In addition, since the fiber itself has a certain strength, the fiber is uniformly dispersed in the concrete and forms an anchoring action, which can absorb a certain amount of destruction energy in an instant. Reduce the brittleness of concrete, improve the toughness of concrete, and change the failure characteristics of concrete.

Crack resistance: Improve the crack resistance of non-structural cracks in the plastic phase of concrete.

Impermeability: Improves impermeability and is an effective rigid self-waterproof material.

The dosage range is 0.6-1.8 kg/m3, and the concrete crack resistance and seepage is usually 0.9kg/m3.


The Application of Polypropylene Mono filament Yarn Fiber

Polypropylene Mono filament Yarn Fiber concrete can be widely used in wallboard, floor slab, basement, and exterior wall of building construction; dam, reservoir, canal, thin-walled water pipe for water conservancy projects; pavement and bridge deck pavement for road and bridge engineering Layers; tunnels; bunkers, air-raid shelters, protective doors for military engineering; wharfs, flood control embankments, and prefabricated panels and pipes for concrete in port engineering.