Pps Monofilament

- Nov 14, 2016-

Shown right is thermoplastic engineering resin, in which benzene ring and sulfur atom are arranged in alternate sequence. We can offer the optimum grade according to customer needs.

  Characteristics of PPS (poly phenylene sulfide)

 Excellent in heat resistance (continuous use temperature: approximately from 200 to 220 degrees Celsius)Greatly excellent in chemical resistance (possibly corroded by oxidative acid at a high temperature)Excellent in hydrolysis resistanceExcellent in flame-retardancy (UL-94 V-O)Extremely low water-absorbing rate and good dimension stabilityExcellent in electric properties

 General properties of PPS resin (in comparison with PET)

 Application of PPS monofilament

Fabric and paper making ; filter clothr; Bristle of brush

 Physical properties of PPS monofilament

Here is the introduction of the representative grades of our PPS monofilament.
Same as in nylon, polyester and other resins, PPS monofilament is available with diversified designs according to requirements in terms of shrinkage and elongation properties.

 Shrinkage property of PPS monofilament

We can design the shrinkage property of PPS monofilament, according to customer requirements.

 Heat resistance and hydrolysis resistance of PPS monofilament

The evaluation of PPS monofilament about heat resistance and hydrolysis resistance shows that it can retain strength for long period of time. The monofilament can be adapted to the use in harsh ambience as high temperature or high humidity.