Pps Monofilament Yarn

- Oct 05, 2016-

、PPS monofilament yarn is a new kind of special plastic fiber.Name of the commodity outside lai (Ryton).By PPS resin (PPS) with conventional melt spinning method, and then under the high temperature tensile, curl, and then cut off.Strength of the short fiber performance: 2.65 ~ 3.08 mile/min, elongation is 25% ~ 35%, melting point 285 ℃, with excellent thermal stability and flame retardancy, oxygen index value of 34 ~ 35200 ℃ when strength retention rate was 60%, the elongation at break no change;Second only to the chemical resistance of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) fiber,Good textile processing performance.Products are mainly used for high temperature flue gas and special heat medium filtering, dry with paper industry and cable packages such as rubber and fireproof fabric, the fabric can make senior fire protection clothing.

2, PPS, characteristics and application
Feature: the maximum allowable working temperature is very high in the air (can work at 240 ℃ for the short time of up to 260 ℃), the environment of high temperature to keep high mechanical strength, stiffness and hardness, excellent resistance to chemical corrosion and the hydrolysis performance, excellent wear resistance and frictional resistance, good dimensional stability, good resistance to high energy radiation, good ultraviolet resistance, itself has the flame retardancy, excellent electrical insulation advantages: high mechanical strength.Hardness, low wear, impact resistance and chemical resistance than the PSU and PE is better.OSU standard very good resistance to oxidation.And the resistance to hydrolysis, repeated steam boiling can be done.Fire self-extinguishing plastics.Used when high temperature, under the 220 ℃ can still be high corrosion resistance, can be used briefly to 260 ℃.When the room temperature the flexural strength and wet of ABS, low shrinkage rate, excellent size and heat stability, used on physiology.
Application: automobile net line of miniature electronic components encapsulation, coil skeleton, motor shell, relay, fine-tuning capacitor and other components.
Precision instruments, computers, timer, photocopier, temperature sensor and a variety of measuring instrument shell and components.
Mechanical pump casing, pump, valve parts, flange, fan, flowmeter, universal first class.Car: igniter, clutch, gearbox, gear box, bearing support and exhaust system components.Household appliances: hot hair dryers, hair curler, hair dryer, hair curler, protective coating and the component of the rice cooker, etc.