Product Applied For Artificial Grass

- Sep 23, 2016-

Artificial grass is a synthetic fiber woven into a can be used to strip material, the performance of natural grass are usually made of straw fiber, at the bottom, glue of three parts.
Artificial grass silk from the chemical composition mainly divided into:
Polyethylene (PE) : good performance, has been widely accepted of the masses
Polypropylene (PP) : grass fiber is hard, generally applicable to the tennis court, playground and other purposes
Nylon (PA) : the price is more expensive
To the shape of the artificial grass silk from grass line is divided into:
Single fiber (straight grass and grass) and the reticular fiber network (straight grass and grass)
Artificial grass silk main performance are:
1. All-weather sex: completely unaffected by climate, greatly improve the efficiency of the use of the site, and can be used in extreme climate regions such as cold, high temperature;
2. Evergreen sex: natural grass after entered hibernation, artificial turf can still bring you the feeling of the spring;
3. Environmental protection: full materials are conform to the requirements of environmental protection, artificial turf surface can be recycled;
4. Simulation: artificial grass is on the principle of bionics acoustic field, lawn omnidirectional, hardness let users with natural grass is no big difference in activity, flexibility is good, the foot feels comfortable;
5. Durability: durable, not easily fade, especially suitable for large high, middle and primary school area;
6. Budget: general can ensure the service life of more than five years;
7. Avoid maintenance: virtually no maintenance;
8. The construction is simple: can be outfit in asphalt, cement and hard battle.